Survivalism and Berkey Water Filter

Specialist in Suvivalism, Berkey, is a water filtration system in all circumstances. Virtually no other filtration element can duplicate its water filtration performance.Fully configured with the WATER FILTER CROWN BERKEY 22.7 litersThis system can serve up to 600 people a day in an emergency.

Its filtration capacity makes it possible to cope with the most important one-off requests of pure water, when you receive relatives for example.

The filter elements of the Berkey ™ fountain, are more powerful than any other gravity filter items currently available. Micropores of purification filters Black Berkey™, are so small that the viruses and pathogenic bacteria are simply not able to cross them. The Black Berkey ™ water purification elements are so powerful that they can remove the red food dye from the water, without removing the beneficial minerals for your body that you need.

Wikipedia, The term survivalism refers to the activities of certain individuals or groups of individuals who prepare for a potential disaster (natural disaster, economic crisis, health crisis, etc.) at the local or global level, or even a potentially cataclysmic event ( Ecological collapse, nuclear war, extraterrestrial invasion, etc.), or more generally to a collapse of industrial civilization.

Survivalists prepare them by modifying their homes, learning survival techniques and basics of medical concepts, by storing food and weapons, building antiatomic shelters, or by learning some Bushcraft techniques in order to shelter. Warm up, have drinking water and feed in a wild or hostile environment (hunting, picking, fire production).

The movement emerges in the United States in the 1960s, on cold warfare. He has more recently evolved in neosurvivalism, which is more a movement focused on autonomy and independence from the overall economic system, and on a greater proximity with nature1.


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