Do Berkey Light® systems contain BPA?

In the past, the systems Berkey Light ® Food grade polycarbonate approved by Food and Drug Administration of the United States. Some research suggest that polycarbonates are known for Lixivier BPA (bisphenol-a) when exposed to high-strength industrial alkali detergents or when they are repeatedly exposed at temperatures above 192 degrees Fahrenheit ( more than 88 degrees Celsius); Neither does it occur when using the Berkey Light system ®  .

New studies concerning a possible leaching of the BPA are in progress. Many erroneous information has also circulated on the waves and on the Internet. The FDA said in April 2008 that it recommended no one to stop using products containing BPA while continuing its risk assessment process.

Even with such FDA statements, New Millennium Concepts has determined that it was in the best interests of our customers to use a previously used polycarbonate alternative to produce the Berkey Light system ® . Fortunately, in 2008, a new product has been developed without Ba . New Millennium Concepts, Ltd. has replaced the polycarbonate material with this new material to mitigate the potential concerns of our customers. Not only is this copolyester is very durable, but it is also resistant to scratches, stains, bursts and odors.

PLEASE NOTE : Over the past year, there has been a growing concern about containers containing the # 7 Recycling Code. The recycling code that is at the bottom of the plastic containers is called Identification codes of the resin. Polycarbonate is simply a type of plastic that falls under code # 7. Code # 7 is a tote code that essentially means "other" and most products that do not fit in categories # 1 to # 6 are placed in category # 7. It also applies to products manufactured from more than one type of plastic categories 1 to 6. The new copolyester used by the system Berkey Light ®  is also classified in category 7 well It is not a polycarbonate and that it does not contain BPA.

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