Berkey - counterfeit filters and imitations

WARNING : Berkey ®Water Systems strongly advises customers to buy only Berkey products ®authentic with berkey resellers ®authorized.Nothing replaces Berkey quality®  .

Bringing and similar products may appear on market sites hosted by companies such as Amazon, Ebay and similar markets. They can also be sold on websites on their own brands.

Imported counterfeits and similar brands often use the well -known name and confidence Berkey® forlegitimize their own brand, create confusion on the market and encourage consumersto buy their cheap coal filters and other parts and similar products.

The purchase of counterfeit or similar products is a dangerous calculation error that could haveserious consequencesFor the well-being of your loved ones. Do not put the health of your family in danger - only buy black berkey elements®authentic, which areSupported by independent third -party tests.

Berkey holograms:Recognize the authentic black berkey

Good to know :Warnings with counterfeit water