EVA BEP fountain, 12 liters- Lower Verre-Verre- with magnetic system

EVA BEP fountain, 12 liters- Lower Verre-Verre- with magnetic system

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Improve the quality of your water, thanks to the natural drinking water filtration system. The 12 -liter fountain, glass tank artisanal manufacture, is autonomous and operates by natural gravity. It filters pollutants, pesticides and pharmaceutical residues. The most of this fountain is the BEP system. It remagnates tap water, which has the effect of increasing the quality of your water hydration. The 12 -liter model is suitable for 3 to 5 people. Remember to protect your Light Fountain. See our protective covers.

A water distributor for the whole family. Easy to use and very fun for children, the Eva fountain offers you a water reserve constant in pure water, For drink, cook (coffee, tea, soups ...), water your plants or for your pets. The Eva fountain, respects theenvironment, finish the purchase task of plastic water bottles, it is economic And ecological. So you respect the planet: more plastic waste !!!

What is the hardness of your water, know everything about tds and th of the water?

The EVA fountain is guaranteed without BPA, phthalate and other chemical materials. The EVA water filter gives you healthy and beneficial water for the food balance.

The EVA fountain is considered to be the best water filtration system by natural gravity. It provides pure and alkaline water in a natural way. This BEP water filtration system (with magnetic system: extreme filtration), recognized around the world, makes it possible to obtain stable and refined water. The water filter EVA can also filter rainwater. The effectiveness of the EVA system has been proven by numerous tests certified and validated by independent analysis organizations and laboratories. How does the EVA fountain work? The method of purification of the EVA fountain is broken down into several stages:

See all the filter components of the BEP Fountain

Characteristics of the lower fountain

Glass tank

Total capacity 12 liters
(4 liters on the first floor - 8 liters in the lower reception tray)
Height: 65 cm / Width - Depth: 32 cm x 25 cm
Suitable for 3 to 5 people

Included with the Eva BEP fountain
1 ceramic filter
1 mineral tray with magnetic disc
1 Ultimate filtration cartridge
1 IRL glass cap


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