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Imperial Filter Fountain Berkey® 17 Liter - 4 Filters Black Berkey® - Ref Imp6x4-BB

Imperial Filter Fountain Berkey® 17 Liter - 4 Filters Black Berkey® - Ref Imp6x4-BB

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The Berkey® Imperial Water Filter is the ideal filtration system for an average family of 4 to 8 people. Its filtration capacity makes it possible to cope with the most important one-off requests of pure water, when you receive relatives for example.

The filter elements of the Berkey ™ fountain, are more powerful than any other gravity filter items currently available. The micropores of the Black Berkey ™ purification filters, are so small that the viruses and pathogenic bacteria are simply not able to cross them. The Black Berkey ™ water purification elements are so powerful that they can remove the red food dye from the water, without removing the beneficial minerals for your body that you need.

Virtually no other filtration element can duplicate its water filtration performance.

Fully configured, this system can serve 200 to 400 people a day in case of emergency.

The fountain filters up to 99.99%, viruses and bacteria, Guardia & Cryptosporidiosis, Radioactive contaminants, heavy metals & pesticides, COV & pharmaceutical residues,Disinfectants, petroleum contaminants, micro agencies.

How to use your Berkey Fountain

Simply pour water into the upper chamber of the system and easily distribute pure water with the lower chamber faucet.

With 4 Black Berkey ™ filters, you provide filtered water production of about 41.6 liters on time, and purify 45400 liters of tap water or spring water.

See also: Lifetime of Black Berkey® filters.

Evolutionary filtration capacity of your Imperial Berkey System:

20.8 liters / h with 2 black berkey filters *
41.6 liters / h with 4 black berkey filters *
62.5 liters / h with 6 black berkey filters *

Composition of your Water Filter Berkey Imperial

Includes 4 Black Berkey ™ filters
Diameter 25 cm, height 65 cm
AISI 304 stainless steel system
Empty weight: 5.7 kg
Guaranteed 2 years
The Imperial Berkey® system includes:
Superior and lower chambers in stainless steel
4 Black Berkey ™ Purification Elements
1 stainless steel cover, button and screw
1 faucet
4 Butterflies nuts, 4 seals
1 boot washer
2 blocker plugs
1 rubber seal to protect the base

Buy extra filtration items Black Berkey

Good to know :
* The flow is calculated with the full room full. The flow decreases when the water level decreases.

Summary table of your Berkey system

 Number of people 4 to 8 people
Capacity in liters 17 L
Type of filters Black Berkey ™
Number of filters 4
Filtration speed 41.6 l / hour
Height 65 cm
Diameter 25 cm
Weight 5.7 kg
Material Stainless steel (AISI 304)
Use Interior Exterior
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