BERKEY - What should I do if the flow of my system is very slow?

If you just bought your Berkey system ® And that the filters barely filter the water, the problem is generally due to high water tension. This high water voltage prevents air from being purged from micropores of new purification elements. Your Black Berkey elements  must be started to purge this air and allow the water to cross them. Included with your Black Berkey elements is a beige boot button and instructions for priming. Please remove your elements from the unit, start your elements, then reinstall them in your unit. This should solve the slow flow problem. If the flow slows down considerably at any time during the lifespan of the elements, the problem can be easily solved by re-cleaning the elements. What generally causes the slow dripping of the elements is the turbidity and the sediments that obstruct micropor of the purification elements. Simply remove the elements from your system and rub the outside of each element with a Scotchbrite®Hard -tooth pad or toothbrush. Rub a section of the element until you see a little black on the pads, then go to the next section. This simple process should only take a few minutes. Remove each item, then reinstall it in your device. Your debit should be restored. (Never use soap or detergents)
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