Authenticity policy of

Verification of the examination and checked buyer badge automatically checks the opinions according to the history of orders for our electronic commercial platform partners (Shopify, WooCommerce, Bigcommerce, Squarespace). If the opinions are not associated with existing orders (for example, coming directly from the merchant websites), the merchants can request manual verification by subjecting proof of orders.

A checked buyer badge is added once the notice is verified by The badge can be translated and personalized, but cannot be added by the merchants themselves.

Request an opinion

The merchants send a request for an e-mail exam to buyers according to parameters and conditions. Automatic reminders or push web notifications can be activated. Merchants can also request an opinion from former customers, do not send a request for an automatic opinion or request/recall individual users. The merchant can respond in private or publicly to any notice.

Give its opinion

Buyers can leave an opinion in the review form by e-mail or via the review widget. The products on products are subject via the review widget, while reviews on the store are subject via the page All reviews. Visitors can leave opinions without purchasing history (traceable) ("web opinion"). These can be deactivated but will never receive a "verified buyer" badge if the evaluator's email is not part of the shop of the store. The opinions provided by the same email will have the same display name.

Grouping of opinions allows you to share opinions between the products of the same store (“group of products”) as well as to synchronize opinions on products from several stores (“store group”) depending on the SKU of products.

Opinion display outside your store

Notices can be displayed outside the store by activating the following features:

  • Google Shopping: XML Flow of Automatic Reviews on products, using SKU, MPN and GTIN as product ID.
  • Social Push (Facebook Business page): Publish review content on your Facebook Business page.
  • Integrations: Activate application integrations to allow to share your opinions with other applications/plugins that you have installed.


Change policy

Notices can be changed to resolve typing faults, style/formatting problems or minor advice information. However, starkeeper rankings cannot be modified to maintain the integrity of opinions on After a modification, a notification email is sent to the reviewer informing him of any change. The examiner may refuse any modification by clicking in the notification email. The team is informed of all revision changes and revision refusals.

No free restriction of authenticity

"Buyer verified" badges, review requests (email, push web) and the response function are also part of the free package.

Curation examination

Traders have total control over the publication and masking of opinions in their stores and new opinions are published automatically by default. Merchants can activate the curation of opinions to choose the opinions to be published manually.

Consumers can count on JUNGE.ME medals which are awarded to stores as an indicator of transparency and authenticity. Stores obtain transparency medals if they publish at least 80% of the total reviews that they receive, and stores receive authenticity medals if at least 80% of the opinions they publish are verified opinions.

Import of old opinions

JUNGE.ME allows the importation of reviews from other applications or via CSV import. The "verified buyer" badge can only be assigned after consultation with In addition to the product identifier, the import can contain the title, the body, the note, the date of revision, the name of the examiner, the email address of the examiner and the IP address.