Berkey® - Guarantee Conditions

All the products provided by the company SARL MONDERMA COSMETICS benefit from the legal guarantee of compliance provided for in article L. 217-4 and following of the consumer code and the guarantee against hidden defects provided for in article 1641 and following of the Civil Code.

In the event of non -compliance of a product sold, it may be returned to the company Sarl Monderma Cosmetics which will take it back, exchange it or reimburse it.

Filter systems stainless steel are guaranteed 24 months, excluding taps. The Berkey Light® system is guaranteed 12 months.

The Black Berkey® filters are covered by a proportional guarantee in the two -year pro rata, calculated every six months, excluding joints and butterfly nuts.

PF-2 filter elements are guaranteed for 6 months. Sport Berkey® filters as well as filter gourd are guaranteed for 3 months. The other accessories are guaranteed for 6 months. The warranty period begins from the date of receipt of the product by the original buyer.

All complaints, requests for exchange, repairs or reimbursement requires an agreement from the SARL Monderma cosmetic after -sales service.

SARL Monderma Cosmetics guarantees products against material or manufacturing defects in the context of normal conditions of use.

SARL MONDERMA COSMETICS cannot be held responsible for accessory or indirect damage caused to personal property, in particular by defective unit, improper use, abusive use, an accident or negligence. It is the responsibility of the buyer to prevent any excessive use of the system and replace parts when, due to their natural wear, they must be replaced in order to benefit from the warranty service.

This warranty will not apply to units that have been used for unpleasant purposes, which have been modified and resulting in the consequence of harming its performance. This warranty applies only to the initial buyer and cannot be transferred.

To trigger the warranty, the buyer must imperatively send a request by email to, indicating his reference and date of order, name, first name and the reason for his complaint. Once the agreement is obtained, SARL MONDERMA Cosmetics will communicate to the buyer the return methods, and will send by email a label to print for the management of the package. Product returns are made free of charge for the duration of the warranty.

The following actions automatically lead to the cancellation of the warranty coverage:

  1. Leave one of the Berkey® Geler filter elements.
  2. Use water from a dehumidifier with one of the Black Berkey® purification elements for daily use.
  3. Break or damage a Berkey® element following a fall.
  4. Train system failure following poor mounting or poor maintenance.
  5. Forget to remove the Black Berkey® filters from the system before transporting or moving the system, which would have caused the stems.
  6. Realization of a red coloring test with fluoride reduction filters and connected arsenic berkey. Fluoride reduction filters and arsenic Berkey® PF-2 ™ must be removed before carrying out a red coloring test in order to stay in accordance with the six-month warranty on these filters.
  7. Use water from a salt water softening system. This action risks clogging the Berkey® purification elements or causing rust of stainless steel.
  8. Do not use Berkey® equipment in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations or instructions.