Do PF-2 filters contain aluminum?

Aluminum : It is a soft and ductile metal element. It is a pure metal, with a shiny and silver appearance.

Activated alumina : contained in PF-2 filters, is widely used in many industrial applications due to its adsorption properties.

Its structure is highly porous, which allows it to capture and retain a variety of molecules. Thanks to its specific large surface and its adsorption capacity, activated alumina (aluminum oxide, al₂o₃) is commonly used as adsorbent in the purification of gases and liquids, drying of gases, chromatography, and in other similar applications. It can eliminate impurities, water molecules, and other unwanted components of various substances. Used mainly as a raw material to extract metal aluminum. It is also used for the manufacture of refractory products, abrasives, ceramics, and in certain types of filters for water purification.

If you place the alumina activated in the water, it will remain in solid form and will be deposited at the bottom of the container. It is therefore not soluble in water. 

Inside the PF-2 filter a membrane retains Activated alumina , so she will be able to do in peace, her work of absorption of unwanted elements. 

It is therefore very important to respect the user manual when starting and installing PF filters with Black Berkey filters. You should not screw your filters more than 8 laps with the Black Berkey thread. You might unlock the planned membrane to remember Activated alumina . 

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