The Berkey® system designated as first -rate choice for the elimination of PFAS "eternal chemicals".

The Environment Working Group (EWG) recently tested 10 Carafe water filtration systems or on the counter for their ability to eliminate 25 substances per- and individual polyfluoroalkylas (more commonly known as "PFAS") present in tap water. According to EWG tests, the Travel Berkey® gravity filtration system has eliminated PFAS to non -detectable levels, which has placed the system in the "Best Global" category.

The Travel Berkey® system has also been praised for its large capacity (1.5 gallons) compared to other tested filters, as well as for its "exceptionally long lifespan" of filters (each pair of authentic elements Black Berkey® can Filter up to 6,000 gallons of tap water before a replacement is recommended). CBS News Philadelphia produced a report on EWG tests, which mentions the Travel Berkey® system, which you can look at here. CBS Colorado also mentioned the Travel Berkey® system in a television news segment on EWG tests, which you can watch here.

The results of EWG water filtration tests were published a week after the United States Geological Survey (USGS) published a study revealing that drinking water from almost half of the taps in states -Unis contains at least one type of PFAS. PFAS has been used since at least the 1950s and have been associated with a wide range of health problems in humans, including certain types of cancer, as well as development, metabolic and immune disorders, among others. PFASs are called "eternal chemicals" due to the fact that they take a long time to deteriorate in the environment.

To protect yourself against PFAS in your drinking water, be sure to have a last barrier water filtration system, such as a Berkey® gravity filtration system equipped with powerful black Berkey® elements which have been tested independently by accredited laboratories to eliminate treacked chemicals at undetectable levels.

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