Recognize an authentic Black Berkey® VS Copy Filter

We draw your attention to the fact that Berkey® counterfeit products were found on the market. Unscrupulous individuals or businesses are trying to get their generic charcoal filters for authentic Berkey® products by putting them in boxes they have tried to reproduce as authentic. We investigate the source to take action against them. However, we need your vigilance and help to identify anyone who can sell counterfeit products.


The first generation of Berkey holograms, today (obsolete).

Although counterfeit boxes are very similar to authentic boxes, There are some simple signs to identify counterfeit products:

  • The holograms used on counterfeit products have alsoA different aspect(see below).

A hologram to recognize a black Berkey filter authentic

  • BB9-2 counterfeit boxes use aDifferent cardboard materialwhich is finer and has a brilliant finish.
  • The original carton containing the 2 filters is very thick, matte appearance

    The Black Berkey Cartridge Packaging Card is rigid

    Photo: Above, the authentic box containing the Black Berkey Cartridges.


    The second generation in use

    Authentic Berkey® products currently have holograms with a single serial number printed on it.

    hologram to guarantee the authenticity of the Black Berkey cartridges

    Third generation hologram

    In the near future, we will begin to gradually remove the second generation NMCL hologram and replace it with a new hologramOfficial Berkey® Water Systems Logo Official(See the example below). The third-generation Berkey® Water Systems logo hologram has a new design as well as even more advanced features to help consumers identify authentic Berkey® products.

    Third generation holograms to recognize an authentic Black Berkey cartridge

    In the case where you would know about sellers or counterfeit products, please contact us immediately with as much information as possible.NMCL intends to put an end to counterfeiters.


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