Berkey® - Assembly instruction of the Gourde Sport Berkey®

Berkey Gourde Instructions

Sport Berkey® Water Filter Bottle

The Water Filter Sport Berkey® water gourd uses the same filtration formulation as our Black Berkey® elements, which are used in our popular systems powered by gravity out of network. There Berkey® sport water filter gourd has been tested by several independent third -party laboratories for its ability to eliminate or reduce typical contaminants found in the water. The test results showed the following biological reductions: pathogenic bacteria> 99.9 % and viruses> 97 %. The test results have shown a reduction of up to 99.9% of other typical contaminants present in water, such as heavy metals, herbicides, pesticides, pharmaceutical products, organic chemicals, products to Base of oil, unpleasant tastes and odors, silt and sediments.
Capacity: 22 oz. (0.6 l) Life of 50 years The filter replacement is recommended after 160 gross water recharges or 640 tap water recharges.
To avoid leaks, do not store the bottle filled on the side or upside down. Do not let the filter freeze. Do not place the bottle or filter in the dishwasher or the microwave. Do not run hot water through the filter. Make sure the straw is clean before using it. If the straw is dirty or if you think that the exterior of the straw has been in contact with contaminated water, clean the straw again (see cleaning instructions on the next page).

Use and storage
IMPORTANT!  Rinse the filter before use The rinsing eliminates excess carbon from the manufacturing process.
1. Pull the closure of the lid down so that the straw is exposed.
2. With a bottle full of water, press the bottle for 3-4 seconds to rinse the water through the filter and straw.
3. Repeat until the water is clear.
4. The bottle is ready to use.
Using your bottle
1. Fill the Berkey® sport water filter bottle with water.
2. Screw the lid and tighten well to avoid leaks.
3. To drink: pull the lid closure down to expose the straw. Press the bottle to spurt the straw water in the mouth, or suck the water through the straw, or use the two actions together.
4. To close: simply pull the closure of the lid up to hide the straw (this helps prevent drops or leaks during transport).
Berkey filtration gourde and notice
Plan 2 - Berkey filtration gourd - Interior view
Cleaning and storage
Periodically remove the filtering element from the straw and clean the bottle and straw with lukewarm water and non -fragrant dishwashing liquid. If the straw filtering element is not used for an extended period:
1. Remove the straw filter and allow dry to the air.
2. Once the filter is dry, put it back on the straw inside the bottle.

Replacement of the filter
Replacement of the filter is recommended after 160 filler of untreated water or 640 filling of tap water.
1. Unscrew the cover of the bottle.
2. Remove the existing straw filter.
3. Push the new filter on the straw.
4. Rinse the new filter before using it (see above for instructions).