Berkey® - Berkey counterfeit water filters warning

Although it may be acceptable that certain products be manufactured in China, when it comes to health -related items such as food, drugs, medical items and water purifiers, you should carefully examine the source.

Chinese manufacturers have long experience in the production of compromise products. The examples include food and treats for contaminated pets, toys 1,2 covered with lead paint 3 and the defective dry partitions that have made consumers sick. 4

When purchasing a water filtration system, protect your family's health by carefully assessing the products. Nothing replaces Berkey quality® .

Pay attention ! ::
1. Do not fall into the declarations trap "it's okay, so it's a replacement"
2. Know that filtration is not synonymous with purification
3. Beware of general "NSF" declarations
4. Carefully examine the vague or misleading statements
5. Pay attention to contradictory declarations
6 carefully inspect the lifespan declarations of the elements
7. On -demand tests
8. Evaluate guarantees and customer service
9. Read the small characters

The essential
Always buy from trusted marks and know where items are manufactured. If something seems suspicious, your instinct is probably right.

Let's take a closer look
Beware of general "NSF" complaints
Some imitations manufacturers also make filters for filtration systems from the whole house and the refrigerator. Understand that NSF test protocols for these applications are different from those established specifically for gravity powered systems.

NSF standard attention

Understand NSF 42 and 53 standards
It is important to note that NSF 42 and 53 standards do not certify that a filter eliminates pathogenic bacteria or other contaminants; Standards require only a reduction.

NSF 42 standard (aesthetic impurities)
According to this standard, filters are certified to reduce (but not eliminate) aesthetic impurities such as chlorine and taste/smell in already biologically safe and known quality water. Consequently, this certification does not concern the purification of non -potable water. In addition, this standard only aims to reduce substances affecting the aesthetic quality of water only, or adding chemicals for tartar control, or both.
NSF 53 standard (health effects)
A filter can receive standard NSF certification 53 if it treats (and effectively reduces) at least one of the contaminants with health effects (such as lead and other heavy metals or volatile organic compounds), as detailed by the 'Environmental protection agency (EPA).
Also note that the reduction of an unhealthy water contaminant (a reduction of 25 % is considered to be a reduction) to qualify for standard NSF 53 is nothing compared to the powerful ability to eliminate contaminants ( > 99.9 %) of Black Berkey purification elements.

Beware of contradictory statements and carefully examine the lifespan declarations
We have examined the list of manufacturer's products and found five different filter lifespan specifications:

6 months (as indicated on product packaging)
3,000 gallons for each filter (11356 liters)
8,000 gallons for a pair (30,283 liters)
4,000 gallons for each filter (15,141 liters)
An automatic delivery option Frequency abnormally short of 3 months
It is confusing and deceptive for consumers.

Demand to see real tests
Here is an example: a manufacturer lists the results of the tests he would have carried out, but then omits to show the real results of laboratory tests. We expect you to simply take their word. In addition, the NSF test reports referenced below apply to refrigerator filters, and not to the filter powered by gravity announced.