Berkey® - Composition of the Black Berkey filter

The Black Berkey filter is a key component of water purification systems manufactured by Berkey. It is made up of several purification elements that work in synergy to provide complete and efficient filtration. The composition of the filter is protected by a patent and is based on a meticulous assembly of six types of specific supports. Among the constituent elements, we find:

1. Active coal: Active coal occupies an essential place in the filter. It is responsible for eliminating a variety of organic contaminants such as chemicals, herbicides, pesticides and solvents present in water. By chemically linking and binding these compounds, active coal plays a crucial role in purification.

2. Ceramic purification media: This purification media is designed to remove particles and bacteria from water. Thanks to his extremely fine pores, he acts as a sieve to trap contaminants, thus contributing to additional filtration.

3. Specialized media for the reduction of heavy metals: Black Berkey filters also integrate a specialized media designed to reduce the presence of heavy metals such as lead, mercury and cadmium, as well as other metal contaminants. This media uses an ion exchange process to substitute toxic metals with lighter and less harmful metals.

These purification elements are arranged in a compact matrix which includes millions of microscopic pores. The water passes through this matrix following a "tortuous path", which guarantees prolonged contact with the filtration supports. Consequently, even submicronic viruses are captured, thus contributing to exceptional filtration without recourse to chemicals.

It is important to note that despite speculation, the manufacturer Berkey® New Millenium Concept Ltd. Confirmed that graphene oxide is not part of the composition of Black Berkey® filters. In summary, the Black Berkey® filters are distinguished by their complex design and their specialized materials that work together to offer an effective and complete purification of water.