Berkey®- How do I keep my purification elements.

How should I keep my Black Berkey® purification elements and what is their shelf life?
If you have used your elements:
The storage method depends on the duration during which the Black Berkey® purification elements will not be used:
If the filters will not be used between 4 and 15 days and you want to avoid the reform process, remove the system filters, place them in a sandwich bag or a hermetic container and place the filters in the front fridge To make sure they don't freeze. This will allow filters to remain mainly saturated, so a re -implementation is generally not necessary. If, for any reason, the filters work more slowly than usual, re -mock them until the external wall of the filter begins to sweat water pearls for 10 seconds.
For long -term storage, we recommend you dry and seal filters. The key is to ensure that they are dry before storing them in the long term, to avoid potential bacterial growth. An option to dry your filters is to leave them on a window sill for one to three days and let them dry in the air. We also offer a tool to help both priming and purge. This tool is called a Black Berkey Primer ™. The advantage of serving the Black Berkey® purification elements is that they dry very quickly. Once the filters are perfectly dry, place them in a storage bag such as a large, which can be studded. The elements are extremely powerful and can absorb odors and air smoke. By sealing them in a storage bag, they should not absorb air odors. When you are ready to reuse your filters, clean them by rubbing the outside with a Scotch-Brite® stamp or a hard brush. Then rejoice the filters manually or with the Black Berkey Primer ™ before putting them back into the system.
In theory, the shelf life of Black Berkey® purification elements is indefinite.
** Please note that the above storage methods only apply to Black Berkey® purification elements.
If you have never used your elements:
If the elements are not open and in their original packaging, make sure you do not store the elements in an area that also gives off strong odors, such as a laundry room or a garage. The elements have carbon as one of their components, so they can absorb the odors of the room in which they are stored. For example, if they are stored in a laundry room, it is possible that the media in the elements capture the smell of very fragrant items such as powdered laundry soap.

** When storing the rooms in your Berkey® system, it is preferable to empty the two bedrooms before storing them, because each time the water is motionless, it becomes stagnant and can produce bacteria. We advise you to wash your Berkey® system in soapy water before letting it dry.
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