BERKEY® - PF -2®Comment filter Identify copies of fluoride and arsenic reduction.

We are aware of the growing number of counterfeit filters on the market. Here's how to be sure that your fluoride and arsenic Berkey PF-2® elements are authentic. In addition, find out what to do if you are sold for a counterfeit product.
The elements of reduction of fluoride and arsenic Berkey PF-2 ® are specially designed to be used with the Black Berkey ® elements, which aim for the reduction and/or elimination of more than 250 contaminants but do not have the Ability to reduce fluoride and long -term arsenic. To maximize the reduction of fluoride and arsenic for long-term use, we have developed the elements of reduction of fluoride and arsenic Berkey PF-2 ®.

Why buy authentic reduction elements of fluoride and arsenic Berkey PF-2 ®?
The activated alumina has proven to be a very effective way to reduce fluoride in drinking water, but it is produced in various forms for commercial purposes. Finely granulated special activated alumina used in Berkey PF-2 ® filters offers a very large area for better contact with targeted contaminants, which allows a very effective reduction in fluoride and arsenic of your drinking water. In addition, the boxes of our filters contain a large amount of alumina activated to provide the best capacities to reduce fluoride and arsenic available in such a filter.

The disadvantages of counterfeits and lookalikes
counterfeit and similar filters often use activated alumina made in the form of relatively large spheres, which offer a much smaller surface/contaminating contact zone, and therefore less reduction in fluoride and arsenic in the same space given inside their filter. envelope. In addition, these sosies can contain up to 50 % active coal, which is ineffective for two reasons: 1) Active coal is not an effective solvent of fluoride and 2) there is less room in the case of Filter for activated alumina, which is a very effective means of eliminating fluoride. In other words, less activated alumina contains a fluoride removal filter, which means less capacity to reduce fluoride.

In addition, some similar filters may not contain any active coal, but contain only small amounts of activated alumina. The revealing sign that a filter is not an authentic Berkey PF-2 ® is that when you shake it, lookalikes and counterfeits generally seem only partially filled, unlike the authentic Berkey PF-2 ® filters which are filled until 'at the end. You can literally feel and hear the difference between a double and an authentic when you shake it!

Authentic filters Berkey PF-2 ® far exceed the ability to reduce counterfeit and similar brands which claim to be "replacements" or "compatible" with the authentic elements of reducing fluoride and the Arsenic PF-2 ® of Berkey, While they are not. Consumers can be tempted to buy counterfeit sosies filters due to their cheap price, but you have for your money. To be sure to obtain the desired results in a wide spectrum of contaminants, including reducing fluoride and arsenic, as well as the best value for money, only use authentic black berkey ® elements with authentic elements of Reduction of fluoride and arsenic Berkey PF-2 ®.

Do you think we have sold counterfeit filters to you? Here is what to do then
After examining the examples above, if you think that your purchase on an online market place (on Amazon, eBay, etc.) can contain counterfeit elements, we suggest the following follow-up:
Request a full refund from the reseller or the market.
Return the product by indicating the specific seller from which you bought and who sent you counterfeit filters.
Leave an opinion on the window of the specific seller indicating that the seller sold you and shipped counterfeit filters, rather than authentic elements of fluoride and Berkey PF-2 ®.
Contact NMCL to report the market and the seller who sold you the counterfeit product (this helps us to identify and take measures against unauthorized sellers). We also invite customers who have been deceived by buying unresponsive counterfeit coal filters announced as replacements to follow the same procedure.
Replace counterfeit filters by buying elements of fluoride and authentic Berkey PF-2 ® from an approved Berkey ® dealer

Recognize an authentic PF-2 filter