BERKEY® - Why initiate Berkey® PF -2 ™ water filters?

During the assembly, handling and shipping process of filtering components, it is possible that a slight amount of dust or tiny harmless particles are deposited on these elements. It is a precaution that aims to guarantee the optimal quality of your experience with the Berkey® PF-2 ™ filtration elements. In order to prevent any disturbance due to dust, we strongly recommend that you carry out meticulous priming at the two ends of the filter elements before their installation in your Berkey® system.

By performing this preliminary process, which should only take around 30 seconds, you will be able to eliminate any trace of dust. In certain situations, it may be necessary to renew this process up to ten times to ensure the total absence of dust. An in -depth study was conducted to assess the impact of these successive washing on turbidity. The results of this analysis are synthesized below:

- After a first washing: reduction in turbidity of more than 94%
- After two washes: decrease in turbidity by more than 96%
- After three washes: decrease in turbidity of more than 98%

If you want to obtain a more detailed perspective, you have the possibility of consulting all of the results of this study by following this link (document translated into French). (See also in English)

Each time you fill your Berkey® system, turbidity will continue to decrease gradually. It is important to note that although turbidity can be considered unsightly, it has no risk for your health. We remain committed to offering you a pure and healthy water experience thanks to our Berkey® products.