EVA fountain - The advantages of polymethacrylate

The EVA fountain tanks, designed by water filtration specialists, use an exceptionally resistant material: methyl polymethacrylate (PMMA). This design decision is the fruit of a meticulous reflection aimed at guaranteeing the sustainability, clarity and performance of these water fountains.

The choice of PMMA for the manufacture of tanks has several key advantages. First of all, the PMMA is renowned for its exceptional resistance to shocks and wear, which makes it an ideal material for continuous use in a demanding environment like that of a water fountain. It can withstand possible impacts and frequent manipulations without cracking or deforming.

In addition, the PMMA offers crystalline transparency, allowing users of the EVA fountain to clearly see the water level and monitor the cleanliness of the tank. This guarantees optimal user experience and ease of maintenance.

In addition, the PMMA is resistant to stains and chemicals commonly present in drinking water, which contributes to maintaining the purity of water without altering the quality of the material of the tank.

Finally, the use of the PMMA in the tanks of the EVA fountain also meets strict food safety standards, ensuring that water remains clean and free from contaminants during its passage in the fountain.

In short, the PMMA tanks of the EVA fountain bear witness to the commitment to the quality, sustainability and food safety of this water filtration product. With this judicious choice of material, users can take advantage of clean and clear water, while having the assurance that their EVA fountain is designed to resist the rigors of its daily use.