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Berkey® fast booming kit - FPK -Kit

Berkey® fast booming kit - FPK -Kit

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The exclusive Berkey® kit is supplied with all systems. 

The blue silicone valve will help you start your Black Berkey® filters and also PF-2 ™ filters thanks to the adapter provided. 

THE Anti-Airlock clip, to clip on the edge of the low tank, allows Maintain an air call In the lower room for better flow of the tap.

The red dye test allows you to check that you have the right method to set up your filters. It is essential to make it when you filter recovery water, wells, drilling ... because it allows you to highlight a waterproofing defect due to a bad installation. At the end of the life of the filters, this test also confirms that your filters are to be changed or not. Do not test with PF-2 ™ filters in place. Respect recommendations for use.

The Berkey® kit includes:

1) Primer Rite ™ X1 Universal Priming Valve

2) PF-2 ™ X1 filter adapter

3) Anti-AirLock X1 clip

4) Food red coloring x2


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