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Berkey Water View ™ 13 "Berkey level faucet-For Imperial and Crown Berkey -B KY-SS-WVS-13

Berkey Water View ™ 13 "Berkey level faucet-For Imperial and Crown Berkey -B KY-SS-WVS-13

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The new Berkey Water View ™ tap in stainless steel has been designed by thinking of the owners of demanding Berkey® systems, responding to their long -standing requests for a stainless steel view tap to upgrade their system! New Berkey® customers will also love this improved accessory - the new tap will allow them to have the best of the best systems and accessories for water supplied by gravity.

The Berkey Water View ™ tap in stainless steel offers exceptional style, reliability and ease of use, and provides instant water level reading in the lower room of the Berkey® stainless steel system. This tap is made of durable 304 stainless steel with a smooth ceramic valve and food quality silicone joints. An optional floating ball is provided to further facilitate reading the water level. 

The long -awaited Berkey Water ™ stainless steel tap! Everything you like about Berkey Sight Glass ™ Spigot, now made of stainless steel. We have eliminated the plastic part and now your purified water has never to come into contact with a plastic tap again. Easily see the water level in the lower room for safer fillings. The tap handle is our smoother tap design, using ceramic disk technology.

A premium complement for Berkey® water filtration systems in stainless steel! Entirely plastic without plastic and made of highly polite food stainless steel 304. The Berkey Water View ™ tap in stainless steel is available in three sizes to guarantee a perfect adjustment on your Berkey® water filtration system. The tap extends over three inches from your system when installed.


Product specifications

  • To be used with Imperial Berkey® and Crown Berkey®
  • UGS-Bky-SS-WVS-13
  • Cup: 195893278695
  • Box size: 16.25 "x 6" x 1.75 "
  • Product dimensions: 15.5 "x 4.25"
  • Package weight: 0.680 kg.
  • Tube length: 13 "(33 cm)


      • Tap body - Stainless steel 304
      • Window window (tube) - Glass
      • Joints and slices - Silicone
      • Internal valve disc - Ceramics

        Included in the box:

      • Water view ™ tap in stainless steel
      • (2) stainless steel rings
      • (2) silicone slices
      • Nesting nut
      • Blue float balloon

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