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Eva BEP filter water fountain, 7 liters - black - with magnetic system

Eva BEP filter water fountain, 7 liters - black - with magnetic system

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A natural filtration system for pure water
The 7 -liter BEP water fountain is a natural drinking water filtration system. It works by natural severity and filters pollutants, pesticides and pharmaceutical residues to provide you with pure and healthy water. The EVA water filter also allows the filtration of rainwater.

A magnetic system for more moisturizing water
The most of the fountain is the BEP system. It remagnates tap water, which has the effect of increasing the hydration qualities of your water. By drinking magnetized water, your body more easily absorbs water and minerals, which promotes better hydration.

A water fountain for the whole family
Easy to use and very fun for children, the EVA water fountain offers you a constant water reserve, for drinking, cooking (coffee, tea, soups ...), sprinkle your plants or for your animals of company. With a capacity of 7 liters, it is suitable for 1 to 3 people. Remember to protect your fountain from light to keep the water longer.
Food safety: The polymethacrylate used in the EVA fountains is specially formulated to be safe and not toxic when it is in contact with drinking water. It is free from dangerous substances, such as bisphenol A (BPA), which guarantees that water remains pure and without chemical contamination.

An economic and ecological alternative
The EVA fountain respects the environment by allowing you to complete the purchase task of plastic water bottles. It is economical and ecological, thus helping you to respect the planet. By choosing the EVA fountain, you contribute to the reduction of plastic waste.

A filtration system recognized and validated by independent organizations
The EVA fountain is considered to be the best water filtration system by natural gravity. The BEP filtration system, with magnetic extreme filtration system, is recognized around the world to provide stable and refined water. The effectiveness of the EVA system has been proven by numerous tests certified and validated by independent analysis organizations and laboratories.
Total capacity 7 liters (3 liters on the first floor - 4 liters in the lower reception tray)
Height 53 cm
Width - Depth 23 cm x 22 cm
Suitable for 1 to 3 people

Included with the Eva BEP fountain:

  • 1 classic ceramic filter
  • 1 mineral tray with its magnetic disc, pre-installed
  • 1 ultimate filtration cartridge
  • 1 IRL glass cap
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