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EVA BEP fountain, 12 liters- Lower Verre-Verre- with magnetic system

EVA BEP fountain, 12 liters- Lower Verre-Verre- with magnetic system

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Discover revitalized water thanks to our 12-liter fountain, designed with artisanal know-how and a high quality glass tank. This independent fountain works according to the principle of natural gravity, offering an ecological and effective solution to purify your water.

Advanced filtration

Our system effectively eliminates current pollutants, such as pesticides and pharmaceutical residues, ensuring purer and healthier water for you and your family.

Innovative BEP Technology

In addition to filtering, our fountain is equipped with the BEP system, a advanced technology that remagnates tap water. This unique process is not content to purify the water, it changes the structure itself, based on the Water memory concept. According to this theory, water is able to 'remember' of the substances with which it was in contact, even after filtration. Our BEP technology resets this memory, allowing it to find a state close to its natural and pure form.

Optimized hydration

The effect of remagnetization results in an increase in water hydration qualities. This means that the water treated with our fountain is not only purer, but also more effective in moisturizing your body, thus improving your general well-being.

Eco-responsible and sustainable

With its autonomous functioning and elegant design, our fountain is an ideal choice for those looking for an ecological and durable solution to improve the quality of their daily water. Take advantage of revitalized water with our 12-liter fountain-the perfect union between craft tradition and technological innovation for your health and well-being.

Characteristics of the lower fountain:
Glass tank

Total capacity 12 liters
(4 liters on the first floor - 8 liters in the lower reception tray)
Do not fill the upper tank, when the lower tank is full
Height: 65 cm / Width - Depth: 32 cm x 25 cm
Suitable for 3 to 5 people

Included with the Eva BEP fountain
1 ceramic filter, 18 months of filtration
1 Ultimate filter, 6 months of filtration
1 mineral basket, 24 months of use
1 pre-installed magnetic disc
1 glass IRL.

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