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Eva filtering shower head, softens water

Eva filtering shower head, softens water

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The EVA shower head naturally filters water for body hygiene and offers a soothing action for your skin.
It filters, purifies and softens tap water. Its massage and soothing jet with extreme finesse reduces water consumption by around 30%.
3 years of research were necessary to develop the EVA filter shower. The EVA knob is a unique filtration system. There is no equivalent on the market. This revolutionary shower head consists of hinoki wood, volcanic rocks and calcium granules.

The EVA bathroom shower is ecological and economical, it brings new sensations. The skin is smooth and softer, it restores skin comfort. When you get out of the shower, you feel cooler skin. Suitable for the whole family.
The action of the Eva filtering shower head.
In order to protect sensitive skin, the Eva filter shower head and purifies aggressive substances. It eliminates the impurities contained in network water by neutralizing chlorine, rust, sediments, limestone, etc.
He remineralizes.
It reduces water consumption.
It is composed for its structure of the same unalterable material as EVA products.
How does the shower head work?
To start, it comes from the same technology as the renown EVA water fountain. This filter knob gets rid of pollutants from tap water.
Its use is recommended for people who have sensitive skin, who have reactive skin, damaged or young children. The filter shower is also recommended for people with eczema or psoriasis etc.
The shower head eliminates pollutants of all sizes such as chlorine, metals, colors, etc. Small calcium beads clean up water. Hinoki's cedar balls broadcast their soothing and protective virtues.
The micro perforated stainless steel plate reduces water consumption and offers a very pleasant fine rain.
Leaving the shower, your skin will seem softer, more flexible and better hydrated.
The Eva shower head contains:
A filtration cartridge composed of calcium, zeolite and volcanic rock granules
A PERLON foam cartridge
Wooden balls (Hinoki cypress essence)
98% pure calcium granules oxidize in contact with water and offers an exfoliating action in contact with the skin.

Zeolite and volcanic rocks filter heavy polluting, chlorine and chemicals from water pipes.
Aubier wooden beads, Hinoki cedar essence have a soothing effect on sensitive, irritated skin.
The PERLON wool cartridge retains the last residues as well as water coloring.
The duration of the components is 6 months depending on the use.
Its connection is universal and replaces your current shower head.
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