Eva BEP filter water fountain, 25 liters - with magnetic system

Eva BEP filter water fountain, 25 liters - with magnetic system

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Natural drinking water filtration system.Autonomous, working by gravity natural. It improves the water quality. Filter the pollutants.The BEP model, adds 2 steps of filtration to remagnide thetap water for a hydration optimal. The 25 liter modelSuitable for more than 6 people.

A water distributor for businesses and officesEasy to use, the EVA Fontaine offers you a water reserve constant in pure water, for drink, cook (coffee, tea, soups ...), water your plants or for your pets.The Eva Fountain, respects theenvironment, finish the purchase task of plastic water bottles, it is economic and ecological. So you respect the planet: more plastic waste !!!

The EVA Fountain is guaranteed without BPA, phthalate free and other chemicals. It gives you healthy and beneficent water for food balance,
The EVA fountain is considered the best water filtration system by natural gravity. It ensures pure and alkaline water in a natural way.
This BEP water filtration system (with magnetic system: extreme filtration), recognized around the world, makes it possible to obtain stable and clean water.

The effectiveness of the EVA system has been proven by many certified tests validated by independent analyzes and laboratories.

How does Eva Fountain work?
The purification method of the EVA fountain decomposes in several stages:
To start the water passes through the ceramic filter.

High density ceramic filter
This high density ceramic operates on the principle of a filter (0.2 micron) that holds all foreign harmful substances, such as rust of pipelines, sediments, germs and impurities.
Once passed by ceramics, the water continues its purification by passing in the EVA filter cartridge consisting of activated carbon, colloidal silver, natural mineral silica sand and zeolite.to change after 18 months

EVA filter cartridge
Activated carbon: activated carbon neutralizes chlorine, bad odors, traces of solvents, chemicals and dyes still present in the water.
Coal & Colloid Silver (WSM3000): neutralizes chlorine, bad smells, signs of solvents, chemicals and dyes still in the water. Eliminates potential bacteria by broadcasting colloidal silver attached to activated carbon (exclusive EVA United) patent)
Sand of natural mineral silica: neutralizes acidity and restores a nice taste with water by adjusting its pH to a slightly alkaline level (7.2 to 7.8)
Volcanic rocks: release minerals and oxygenate, while perfectly harmonizing the pH of the water to that of the body. They support the action of activated carbon and maintain the purity of the water. Diffuse 14 basic minerals (magnesium, zinc iron, calcium ...), restoring the purified water of optimal mineral qualities.
Zeolite: zeolite is a microporous natural mineral of volcanic origin. Fix heavy metals and softens the water
To finish the minerals of the trash release a mineral complement rich in trace elements.to change after 6 months

The basket of minerals
Composed of volcanic rocks, it frees a mineral complement rich in trace elements, to allow your body to obtain the essential elements of its physiological balance.
EVA rocks diffuse more than 14 minerals in filtered water, they participate in pH stabilization.at change after 24 months

To induce a magnetic and dynamic property with filtered water, choose the BEP model: EVA water fountain with URL and magnetization - 12 liters

Magnetic system
The magnetization gives the water a hexagonal structure, making it more easily assimilable by the cells of the body.
Thanks to 2 magnets that activate the molecular structure of the water, your re-magnetized water regains a hexagonal molecular structure, in harmony with body fluids, more lively.

This restructured water will be beneficial for your health, and bring many natural benefits to your body (absorption, renal elimination purification facilitated, optimized rehydration after physical effort ...)

Far Infrared Rays (IRL)
By reducing the size of water clusters, distant infrared rays promote its absorption and assimilation by tissues.
The presence of this part reinforces the action of the neodymium magnet, canceling the negative effects of light on filtered water.
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Victoria Diyakova
Très contante 😊

Ma commande nous est parvenue sans tracas. Quant aux produits, ils ont entièrement rempli les critères que j’ai posés et satisfait mes exigences.
Je veux particulièrement remercier le vendeur pour la qualité de son service 🙏