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High density filter ceramics - Fontaine Eva

High density filter ceramics - Fontaine Eva

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The cartridge Ceramic, high density  filtered And retains potentially in suspension materials, diffused by drinking water pipes, such as rust, salmonella, eschericia coli ... It works on the principle of a Anti bacterial barrier. You can also filter therainwater. High density ceramics, thick 1 cm, porosity 0.2 microns. It guarantees a water filtration effective. There water quality is thus exceptional.

Washing and maintaining : It is recommended to clean the ceramics once a month, without dissociating it from its fixing base, with white vinegar added with water from the water faucet. Be careful not to drop it into your sinkFirst use of ceramics: Put the ceramics in the pierced tank of a central orifice (n ° 4), the inner seal (n ° 3) of the ceramic must be positioned inside the tank (n ° 4). Screw the butterfly (n ° 5) of ceramics, without forcing, finally rinsing under the clear water of the tap. Le filtration of the EVA fountain, will avoid the water consumption in a bottle. It's less plastic for the planet.

EVA ceramics is replaced every 18 months.

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