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Eva Plc filter water fountain, 7 liters - black - without magnetic system

Eva Plc filter water fountain, 7 liters - black - without magnetic system

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Improve the quality of your water, thanks to the natural drinking water filtration system.  The 7 -liter PLC fountain, black, is autonomous, works by severity natural. It filters pollutants, pesticides and pharmaceutical residues. The 7 -liter modelSuitable for 6 people and more. Remember to protect your Light Fountain. See our protective covers.

A water distributor for the whole familyEasy to use and very fun for children, the Eva fountain offers you a water reserve constant in pure water, For drink, cook (coffee, tea, soups ...), water your plants or for your pets. The Eva fountain, respects theenvironment, finish the purchase task of plastic water bottles, it is economic And ecological. So you respect the planet: more plastic waste !!!

What is the hardness of your water, know everything about tds and th of the water?

The EVA fountain is guaranteed without BPA, phthalate and other chemical materials. It gives you healthy and beneficial water for the food balance,
The EVA fountain is considered to be the best water filtration system by natural gravity. It provides pure and alkaline water in a natural way.
The effectiveness of the EVA system has been proven by numerous tests certified and validated by independent analysis organizations and laboratories.
How does the EVA fountain work?
The method of purification of the EVA fountain is broken down into several stages:
To start water goes through the ceramic filter.

High density ceramic filter
This high density ceramics works on the principle of a filter (0.2 micron) which retains all the harmful substances foreign to water, such as rust of pipes, sediments, germs and impurities.
Once passed through ceramics, water continues its purification by passing through the EVA filter cartridge made up of active charcoal, colloidal silver, natural natural mineral silica and zeolite.

Eva filtration cartridge
Active coal: Active coal neutralizes chlorine, bad odors, traces of solvents, chemicals and dyes still present in water.
Charbon & silver colloidal (WSM3000): neutralizes chlorine, bad odors, traces of solvents, chemicals and dyes still present in water. Eliminates potential bacteria by diffusing colloidal silver fixed to active charcoal (exclusive Eva United patent)
Sand of natural mineral silica: neutralizes acidity and gives a pleasant taste to water by adjusting its pH to a slightly alkaline level (7.2 to 7.8)
Volcanic rocks: release minerals and oxygenate, while perfectly harmonizing the pH of water to that of the organism. They support the action of active charcoal and maintain the purity of the water. Distribute 14 basic minerals (magnesium, zinc iron, calcium, etc.), restoring purified water from optimal mineral qualities.
Zeolite: zeolite is a natural mineral of volcanic origin. Fixes heavy metals and softens water
To finish the minerals of the basket release a mineral supplement rich in trace elements.

The mineral basket
Composed of volcanic rocks, it releases a mineral supplement rich in trace elements, to allow your body to obtain the essential elements at its physiological balance.
The EVA rocks broadcast more than 14 minerals in filtered water, they participate in the stabilization of the pH.
To induce a magnetic and dynamic property with filtered water, you must choose the BEP model: EVA water fountain with url and magnetization - 7 liters

Characteristics of the fountain

Total capacity 7 liters
(3 liters on the first floor - 4 liters in the lower reception tray)
Height: 53 cm / Width - Depth: 23 cm x 22 cm
Suitable for 1 to 3 people

Included with the Eva PLC fountain
1 ceramic filter
1 mineral tray
1 Ultimate filtration cartridge



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