Berkey - Hydrogen peroxide does it harm Black Berkey® purification elements?

Hydrogen peroxide is a versatile compound that can be used as an oxidizing agent, disinfectant, antimicrobial agent, whitening agent, etc. It is also commonly added to drinking water for disinfection and to eliminate pollutants.

Although New Millennium Concepts, Ltd. has not carried out specific tests for hydrogen peroxide, we expect hydrogen peroxide to have no adverse effects on the Black Berkey ® purification elements for the following reasons:

Hydrogen peroxide (H 2 O 2) is made up of hydrogen and oxygen.
Hydrogen peroxide can easily decompose in water and oxygen.
When hydrogen peroxide is present in water, contaminants such as pollutants accelerate the decomposition of water and oxygen hydrogen peroxide.
In the water treatment industry, coal is the most commonly used filter media to decompose hydrogen peroxide and residual peroxide.
Black Berkey ® purification elements use active charcoal in our exclusive formulation.
The Black Berkey ® purification elements are composed of active charcoal, and charcoal is the most commonly used support for the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide into oxygen and water. Therefore, we expect hydrogen peroxide to have no adverse effects on black Berkey ® purification elements.

New Millennium Concepts, Ltd. Always recommends using the clean water source available, as far as possible.
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