Berkey® - How to start and install PF -2 filters

PF-2 Berkey water filtering procedure :
1. Use a soft soap to wash the exterior of the filters Berkey PF-2 By leaving the blue caps in place.
2. Make sure your hands are clean, remove the two blue caps at each end of the Berkey PF-2 filter. Please keep blue traffic jams, for subsequent use.
3. Place the Washer D'priming Rubber (beige color) on one end of the PF-2 Berkey filter and align the sore of the washer with that of the PF-2 filter.
4. Press the priming washer firmly against the faucet sink.
5. While holding the priming washer against the tap, gently open the tap ofCold water And let the water run through the PF-2 filter. Let the water flow for 2 minutes or until the water stands out at the other end is clear. For better grip, you can place your thumb on the tap to keep the elements More firmly.
6. Repeat the above steps to allow the water to flow through the filter in the opposite direction.
7. Start each Berkey PF-2 filter by repeating steps 3 to 6 above.

Installation of the PF-2 water filter
1. Remove the upper tank from your filtration system and place it backwards on a flat surface, ensuring that the threaded tips of the Black Berkey are oriented upwards.
2. Screw the Berkey PF-2 filters on the threaded tips of each Black Berkey filter using the arrow indicating the direction of water flow as a reference. Do not make more than 8 complete revolutions to avoid damaging the grid filtering at the entrance to the PF-2 filter. Make sure that the arrow is in the opposite direction of the upper tank.
3. Replace the upper tank on the reservoir Lower, so that the Berkey PF-2 filters are suspended inside. Fill the upper tank with water and wait until all the water flows into the lower tank. Throw the rinsing water to remove any potential residue inside. Your system of purification is now ready to use.
Please note that in rare cases, it may be necessary to rinse the mechanism up to 5 times before the dust completely disappears. 

Some additional remarks concerning the PF-2 Berkey filter:
1. When the lower tank is filled with water, the Berkey PF-2 filters are fully submerged.
2. If the water level In the lower tank is higher than the base of the Berkey PF-2 filters, it is normal for a small amount of water to escape from the top of the filters, where PF-2 filters are connected to the Black Berkey elements.
3. Most purification systems have a ability From 7.5 to 11 liters in their lower room, which allows an average cleaning to recharge per day. We recommend filling the upper tank at night before bed. The water stored in the upper tank will be purified and ready to be consumed the next day in the reservoir lower filter. If you use a big quantity of water, you can speed up the treatment by taking purified water from a pitcher or other container when the water level reaches the base of the Berkey PF-2 filters.