Big Berkey® Best High-Capacity Water Filter for Cesium Reduction Dans le monde imprévisible d'aujourd'hui, où un événement nucléaire tel qu'un accident de centrale électrique, une attaque terroriste ou même une guerre

Health Advocate: Big Berkey® best high -capacity water filter for reducing cesium.

Big Berkey® Best High-Capacity Water Filter for Cesium Reduction

In the unpredictable world of today, where a nuclear event such as a power plant accident, a terrorist attack or even an international nuclear war could introduce radiological contaminants in the environment of our country (including critical infrastructure such as water supplies), it has never been so important to have a disaster preparation plan in place. This should include a water filter that has been tested to considerably remove or reduce specific radiological contaminants in your water supply, such as a Big Berkey® gravity filtration system equipped with powerful Black Berkey® elements.

Recently, the popular defender of consumer health and award -winning investigation journalist Mike Adams ("The Health Ranger") has carried out tests on 28 water filtration systems for the elimination of cesium -137 - a radioactive isotope cesium - and reported its results.

Of the 28 systems tested, only six reduced cesium by more than 99 %. Adams tests have shown that the Big Berkey® system has impressively eliminated 99.99 % of the Cesium-137 in the laboratory test sample, thus reducing the counting of the isotope tested by more than 78,000 parties per billion at only 7.1 parts per billion. Note that the three systems which had an equal reduction in cesium (a system, 99.99 %) or a slightly higher reduction (two systems, 100 %) compared to the Big Berkey® system are also quite small - and can therefore filter a limited amount of water at a time. The Big Berkey® system can filter and contain up to 2.25 gallons, making it the best high capacity system tested.

You can find out more about Adams tests on the Natural News website and watch its 30-minute report below (it is also published on the Mike Adams free expression media platform,, that You can see here). In the video, the first 10 minutes are devoted to the dangers of cesium and the way the tests have been carried out, as well as to information on the equipment used during the tests. The Big Berkey® system is mentioned from 13:06.

Black Berkey® elements also significantly reduce other radiological contaminants

New Millennium Concepts, Ltd. Has carried out tests by accredited and independent laboratories on Black Berkey® elements for their ability to reduce other radiological contaminants that can be present in the water. The tests showed a reduction of 98.7 % or more of potential alpha gross contaminants, including: Uranium-235 and -238, plutonium-238 and-239, Radium-226 and -228, and more. The tests have shown a reduction of 95.3 % or more of potential brute beta contaminants, including: iodine-129 and -131, cobalt-60, nickel-63, strontium-90, and more. The results of the tests of the Black Berkey® elements can be consulted here.

Choose a water filtration system with a large capacity and a long service life of the filters

Note that several of the tested systems are of the carafe type, which can only deal with small amounts of water at a time and use filters which must be replaced after a relatively small number of gallons.

But in a long -term scenario, such as an emergency shelter or evacuation, a much larger system with greater capacity would be necessary. Berkey® systems are available in 6 sizes - the Big Berkey® system shown in the test can contain 2.25 gallons; Our biggest system - the Crown Berkey ™ system - can contain up to 6 gallons. These systems are equipped with black Berkey® elements which can filter up to 6,000 gallons of water per pair of elements before a replacement is recommended, depending on the quality of incoming water.

Each additional pair of Black Berkey® elements installed in your system increases its flow, while adding 6,000 additional filtration gallons before a replacement is recommended. The Crown Berkey ™ system, when equipped with a maximum of 8 Black Berkey® elements, can filter up to 24,000 gallons of water before a replacement is recommended.

Beyond radiological: water filtration systems by gravity Berkey® attack a wide range of contaminants

And although the radiological contamination of water is a concern for certain consumers, the Berkey® gravity filtration systems equipped with powerful Black Berkey® elements have been tested independently to eliminate or considerably reduce more than 250 more common contaminants (and more and more frequent in the news) which can be present in drinking water, such as:

  • Perfluored chemicals (PFAS)
  • Heavy metals
  • VOC (volatile organic compounds)
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Pesticides
  • Trihalomethanes
  • Inorganic minerals
  • Petro products
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