New logo on Berkey systems!

In summer 2022, Berkey Filtration launched a brand new logo, marking a significant turning point in the evolution of the brand. The new design of the logo is focused on simplicity and cleanliness while strengthening the identity of the Berkey® brand.

The logo is based on a minimalist but powerful concept: an elegant rectangle which carefully encapsulates the name "Berkey®". The choice of a rectangle for the frame expresses the solidity and reliability of Berkey water filtration systems, thus emphasizing their commitment to quality and sustainability.

This logo update also reflects a strategic decision on the part of the Berkey water filters manufacturer. By withdrawing from previous names such as "Berkey® by NMCL" and "New Millennium Concepts, LTD", as well as "NMCL", the company aims to focus more on the main brand, "Berkey®". This clearer orientation allows the brand to strengthen its recognition on the market and more effectively communicate the excellence of its products.

In short, the new Berkey Filtration logo embodies the modernity, quality and focus of the company on its flagship product, while offering a sleek design that evokes confidence and efficiency. Consumers can expect to find this logo on new Berkey water filtration systems, thereby symbolizing the brand's continuous commitment to innovation and improving water quality for its customers.

New logo:

New Berkey logo on stainless steel systems

Old logo

Old Berkey logo on stainless steel systems

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