Berkey® - Distinguish between activated alumina and aluminum in Berkey PF -2 ™ filters

Berkey® PF-2 ™ water filters: fluoride dissipation and arsenic thanks to aluminum oxide

The Berkey® PF-2 ™ water filters exercise action reducing fluoride and water arsenic, acting through aluminum oxide, or activated alumina. It should be noted that pure aluminum and aluminum oxide are clearly distinguished in terms of characteristics. Pure aluminum is soluble in water, extremely reactive and can have harmful consequences for health. In contrast, aluminum oxide does not dissolve in water, remains inert, manifests great stability and has no harmful impact on health.

It is also essential to specify that this aluminum oxide is not subject to treatment with cyanuric acid.

For a in -depth understanding of aluminum oxide, all information is available in this document (in English). (French translation)