Berkey® - Do Black Berkey® water filters contain money?

Absolutely ! Money, a powerful antimicrobial agent, plays an essential role in each black Berkey® element by ensuring its self-sterilization. This use of money was carefully checked through in -depth analyzes carried out by an independent laboratory. The results could not be more reassuring: the money used remains solidly integrated, without the slightest dissolution in purified water.

The conclusions of the analysis are categorical: "All control samples, whether it be reserve samples, positive and negative analytical controls, as well as negative control taken before the introduction of elements, have demonstrated compliant and acceptable results. " Even the effluent samples enriched in MS2 and R. Terrigena, subject to a two -phase assessment, have generated remarkably similar results. This consistency forcefully suggests that no active antimicrobial agent is released in treated water.

In short, money turns out to be a natural protector within the Black Berkey® elements, guaranteeing flawless self -taught and purification of water that meets the highest quality standards.