BERKEY® - Guide to storage of Berkey PF -2 ™ filters: tips and good practices

Advice for the conservation of your Berkey PF-2 ™ filters "

When the filters were used:

If you've already used your Berkey® PF-2 ™ items, here is how to store them safely. Over a short period, place them in a refrigerator (never put them in the freezer). To do this, remove them from the system, pass them tightly in a plastic bag, then store them in the less cold part of the refrigerator, avoiding any risk of frost.

When you choose the refrigerator for storage, remember to start them for at least a minute, letting the water run in both directions, before reusing them later.

In order to avoid any potential development of bacteria in the support, it is essential not to leave the Berkey PF-2 ™ elements in the open air.

If you have never used your filters:

If your elements are still in their original packaging and have not been unpacked, follow these steps for optimal storage. Opt for a place free of powerful smells, such as a laundry room or a garage, because the elements contain in particular carbon which can absorb ambient odors, like those of soap or laundry. Make sure to maintain their intact efficiency for future use.