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Berkey® Light 10.4 liters, Single tanks, optional filters

Berkey® Light 10.4 liters, Single tanks, optional filters

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There water fountain Berkey Light® is a light unit designed to be used at the House, during outdoor activities such as the camping, sports activities, trips and the situations ofunforeseen emergency. Berkey Light® systems equipped with Black Berkey® elements offer the same contaminants reduction performance as Berkey® stainless steel systems, but with light, durable and BPA copolyester construction (Tritan). He also finds his place in a summer kitchen or pool-house. The 10.4 -liter Berkey Light® system comes with 4 Black Berkey® elements. The Berkey Light® systems are manufactured and assembled in the United States and built from a lasting food quality food quality, BPA/BPS, which does not retain and free up tastes and foul smells in your water. Includes a matching BPA -free plastic base for increased stability and easier distribution.

Simply pour water into the upper chamber of the system and distribute easily from thepure water Thanks to the lower room tap.

The 2 Black Berkey ™ filters provided as standard with your system allow you to purify 22700 liters of water. To calculate in detail the lifespan of Black Berkey® filters.

The Berkey Light® system includes:
- Upper and lower rooms in copolyester without BPA
- Copolyester enhancement base
- 2 Black Berkey ™ purification elements
- 1 waterproof flexible cover
- 1 Berkey Light® tap
- 2 butterfly nuts, 4 seals
- 1 priming washers
- 2 blocker traffic jams

*The flow is calculated with the full high room. The flow rate decreases when the water level decreases.

Summary of characteristics:

Nb of people 1 to 5 people
Capacity in liters 10.4 L
Filters type Black Berkey ™
NB of filters 2
Filtration speed 15.2 l/hour
Height 67 cm
Diameter 23 cm
Weight 2.7 kg
Material Copolyester without BPA
Use Interior Exterior


Optimize your water filtration experience with the Berkey Light® water fountain. Ideal for families, athletes, travelers and emergency situations, this solution of water filtration offers pure and delicious water at any time. Do not wait any longer and get your Berkey Light® system now to enjoy healthy and tasty water.

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