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Filter cartridges - Lot of 3 - Fontaine Eva (copy)

Filter cartridges - Lot of 3 - Fontaine Eva (copy)

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The cartridge of filtration contains 4 layers of filter elements, to filter liters of water naturally, by gravity. Coal and colloidal silver (WSM3000) neutralize the content In chlorine, bad odors, traces of solvents, chemicals and dyes still present in the water. Eliminates potential bacteria by diffusing colloidal silver fixed to active charcoal.

The white layer, natural mineral silica sand. Its role is to neutralize acidity and restore a pleasant taste to tap water By adjusting your pH to a slightly alkaline level (7.2 to 7.8).

The pink layer, the zeolith, of natural origin, are formed on land where rocks and volcanic ashes reacted with alkaline groundwater. It fixes heavy metals and softens water filtered. The last layer in gray. Volcanic rocks support the action of active coal and maintain the water purity. Broadcast 14 mineral salts basic (magnesium, zinc iron, calcium, etc.), restoring purified water from optimal mineral qualities. This filter cartridge also allows you to filter a spring water.

Drink water Good quality, it's essential. Fill a good carafe Filtered water, leave there in your refrigerator for a few hours and serve fresh!

3 cartridges = 18 months of filtration.


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